U Krbu Wine Cellar

Welcome to our wine cellar called "U Krbu" (By the Fireplace), located in Hustopeče by Brno. The cellar offers cosy atmosphere for social events of any kind, seated under historic or classical brick vault.

On demand, we provide year-round service for groups of any size.

Your gathering can be accompanied with cimbalom music, accordion, or canned music.

Suitable for company events, presentations, celebrations, parties, meetings and appointments

Let us guide you through

Behind the front door, there is a short corridor full of delicious aroma coming out of the professionally equipped kitchen. On the right, we are passing by modern toilets.

Another arched door, made in cellar-style, leads to the pride of our cellar – the cross vault with range of 8 × 5 meters. The space under the vault crossing is often used as a dance floor with cimbalom music group or popular recorded music.

Having stepped down a few stairs, we are discovering the secret of the cellar name – U Krbu (By the Fireplace). On the right, there is a large fireplace with a furnace of 130 cm. There is no lack of warmth, indeed. The cross vault room is complemented with a room of classical vault, which ends with a door leading to the most precious chamber of all.

We have already passed 90 seats and now we are opening two more doors leading into a brick vaulted room full of wine.

We are entering the cellar, which is dominated by classical wooden wine barrels on the left. They are carved in wine style including the year and the name of the person that the barrel was dedicated to.

On the right, there is a different category. An archive full of top quality wine of the Southern Moravia. With Erik, our sommelier, we are tasting wine in the following categories: selection of grapes, barrique wines, as well as ice wine and straw wine. The wine tasting of course starts with enjoyable young wines, served in a special pipette – so called "koštýř" (glass wine taster).

On demand, we provide year-round service for groups of any size. In case of more orders for one date, we respect the clients’ request of privacy.

Dana Caban